The SIDISO (Spectral Imaging for DIffraction limited Space Observation) aims to develop new and original data processing methods and algorithms for space observation.

It’s a collaboration between L2S and IAS. F. Orieux, within L2S, is the PI of research and development on novel data processing and algorithms.

For now, the primary focus is on the MIRI instrument of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

The main objective is to take into account the spatial and spectral blurring, in the reconstruction of the sky. Proposed methods rely on inverse problems and Bayesian approaches.


This project is co-funded by

This work was performed using HPC resources from the “Mésocentre” computing center of CentraleSupélec and École Normale Supérieur Paris-Saclay, supported by CNRS and Région Île-de-France (