L2S (Université Paris Saclay — CNRS — CentraleSupelec)

The inverse problems team (GPI) has expertise in signal and image processing, inverse problems and Bayesian approaches, with a long-term experience in image restauration and reconstruction applied to astronomy. It is notably involved in the Herschel and JWST project now througt the SIDISO, as well as the radio astronomy SKA project, Hyperstars, and Dark Era projects.

The L2S conduct research and development on the data processing and algorithms for Multispectral (imager) and Hyperspectrl images (Integral Field Unit).

IAS (Université Paris Saclay — CNRS)

The laboratory has a long-term experience in the development, the implementation, the processing and the analysis of data taken by space instruments, in particular at long wavelengths : ISO, Spitzer, Planck, Herschel, and now JWST.


  • Dan Pineau (L2S, IAS)

Former members